Welcome to ZEB GROUP

ZEB GROUP is not only a brand to reckon with but also a conglomerate with a strong market stand.
ZEB International and Ionic Chemicals are two high potential firms that fall under the massive wings of ‘ZEB GROUP’.
Both the firms deal with products that support industrial production in a very intuitive and ethical manner.
ZEB Internationals

ZEB International Pvt. Ltd.

ZEB International is a mass Supplier of corporate products such as ANIMAL JELLY GLUE, CORNER TAPE and PVC COATED PAPERS. The firm supplies the product lines under the renowned brand name ‘Z BOND’.
You can visit the official website at: www.zebinternationals.com

Phone : +91-11-47960006 & +91-11-42271777
Email : md@zebinternationals.com , sales@zebinternationals.com

Ionic Chemicals

Ionic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Ionic Chemicals is a renowned brand and one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Industrial Adhesives and coatings. The firm manufactures these industrial product lines under the brand name of ‘I-TACK’, ‘I-FIX’, ‘I-COAT’, ‘I-LOCK’.
For much detailed information, you may visit: www.ionicchemicals.com

Phone : +91-11-47960006 & +91-11-42271777
Email : md@ionicchemicals.com , exports@ionicchemicals.com , sales@ionicchemicals.com